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On Jan 12, 2015, at 5:51 PM, Jason Friedman <jsf80238 at> wrote:

>> I have a long-running python/CherryPy Web App server process that I am
>> running on Mac OS X 10.8.5. Python 2.7.2 running in 32-bit mode (for now, I
>> have the code in place to change over to 64 bit, but need to schedule the
>> downtime to do it). On the 6th of this month, during normal operation from
>> what I can tell, and after around 33 days of trouble-free uptime, the python
>> process crashed with a SIGABRT. I restarted the process, and everything
>> looked good again until yesterday, when it again crashed with a SIGABRT.
> Can you monitor disk and memory on the host?  Perhaps it is climbing
> towards an unacceptable value right before crashing.

Good thought. I'm pretty sure that the system monitor still showed a couple of gigs free memory before the last crash, but the process could still be using unacceptable amounts of resources

> Do you have the option of stopping and starting your process every
> night or every week?

Yes, that's an option, and as a work-around I'll consider it. Of course, I'd much rather not have the thing crash in the first place :-)

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