Python 3 regex?

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On Wed, 14 Jan 2015 14:02:27 +0100, Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn wrote:

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>> Le mardi 13 janvier 2015 03:53:43 UTC+1, Rick Johnson a écrit :
>>> [...]
>>> you should find Python's "text processing Nirvana"
>>> [...]
>> I recommend, you write a "small" application
> I recommend you get a real name and do not post using the troll and
> spam- infested Google Groups, but a newsreader instead.
>> sorting strings composed of latin characters, a sort based on
>> diacritical characters
> I do not think you need regular expressions for that: you can use
> Unicode collations.
>> (and eventually, taking into account linguistic specific aspects).
> BTDT.  For a translator application, I used Python to sort a dictionary
> of the Latin phonetic transcription of Golic Vulcan whose alphabet is “S
> T P K R L A Sh O U D V Kh E H G Ch I N Zh M Y F Z Th W B” [1].  re
> helped a lot with that because inversely sorting the list by character
> length and turning it into an alternation allowed me to easily find the
> characters in words, and assign numbers to the letters so that I could
> sort the words according to this alphabet.  If anyone is interested, I
> can post the relevant code.
>> And, why not? compare Py3.2 and Py3.3+ !
> What are you getting at?
> [1] <>

Do not wast you/our time with JMF
he is a resident troll but unlike some of our resident trolls I don't 
think he has ever contributed anything useful 

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