Python 3 regex?

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Thu Jan 15 01:33:23 CET 2015

Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn wrote:

> wxjmfauth at wrote:
>> And, why not? compare Py3.2 and Py3.3+ !
> What are you getting at?

Don't waste your time with JMF. He is obsessed with a trivial performance
regression in Python 3.3. Unicode strings can be slightly more expensive to
create in Python 3.3 compared to earlier versions, due to a clever memory
optimization which saves up to 50% if your strings are all in the Basic
Multilingual Plane and up to 75% if they are all in Latin-1. Never mind
that for real-world code, that memory saving can often lead to applications
running faster, JMF is obsessed with an artificial benchmark of his own
devising that involves making, and throwing away, thousands of Unicode
strings as fast as possible in such a way as to exercise the worst-case of
the new Unicode model. From this unimportant performance regression, he has
convinced himself that this means that Python 3.3 and beyond is logically
and mathematically in violation of the Unicode standard.

Any time JMF mentions anything to do with Python versions or Unicode or
ASCII or French, he is in full-blown "pi equals 3 exactly" crank territory
and is best ignored.


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