lambdak: multi-line lambda implementation in native Python

yawar.amin at yawar.amin at
Thu Jan 15 06:54:52 CET 2015

Hi all,

First off, to each reader--if you believe that 'multi-line' lambdas are
no good and we can just use functions, decorators, &c. to accomplish
everything in Python, advance warning: this post will annoy you.

Now, the crux of my message. I have implemented what I believe is a
fairly robust, if ugly-looking, native Python module made up of
combinator functions which compose together to form function expressions
(well, callable expressions).

I've seen a lot of discussions on possibly introducing syntax support
for multi-line lambdas in some future version, but I've never seen
anyone say, here's a way you can do this in Python _today._ So I believe
lambdak fits in that niche.

Would anyone care to try it out? I would be happy to answer questions
whenever I can.



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