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> Jacob Kruger wrote:
>> However, if implement similar code - down to just trying to open a
>> connection, wait a few seconds, and then close it again, inside a 
>> function
>> called from a prior function, in the class am implementing in a file
>> called/executed from command line, then, the moment I try to close the
>> connection, whether or not have done anything with it, that's when I get
>> that python.exe has stopped working/responding error message popping up,
>> and python bombs out.
> Jacob, your writing style is incredibly long-winded and hard to follow.
> Try to build shorter sentences instead of this stream of consciousness, 
> and
> focus on the actual problem.

Was just trying to make sure included all relevant details ;)

> "python bombs out"
> is not a meaningful problem description. A traceback might be.

Agree with that, but, like said in prior e-mail, just get windows error 
message popping up, mentioning - no track trace, since it's python 

---error details---
  Problem Event Name: BEX
  Application Name: python.exe
  Fault Module Name: StackHash_0a9e
---end error details---

That term BEX equates to buffer overflow exception, but not sure why this is 
happening - previous suggestion was to do with data execution prevention on 
windows, but, bex apparently also relates to winsock, or something, and 
tried different types of applying DEP - think so anyway.
> That said, I probably cannot help with your particular problem, so feel 
> free
> to ignore me...

No worries - thanks for reply.

Just found following bit of summary of possible combination of 
bex/stackhash - but, still doesn't make sense when at this test stage I'm 
literally just opening and closing connection - might make sense if was 
executing thousands of queries against database before committing them:
Buffer overflow is a condition when some process tries to store data beyond 
the capacity of the fixed/available buffer so it tries to overwrite some 
other memory locations, too. And in Windows we have some security feature 
called Data Execution Prevention that is intended to prevent similar 
processes to prevent buffer overflow attacks (that can introduce some 
malicious codes). But in some cases DEP can prevent some legitimate software 
from executing, too. And then you can get a BEX error.
---end quote---

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