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> You've posted your working versions; can you post a non-working version?

Problem is that works fine in interpreter, but, not when executing it as 
part of code in file.

> Also, I'm seeing a very small hint here that might indicate a huge
> factor that you haven't mentioned. You speak of "compiling" your
> Python code. Do you mean you're turning it into an exe file? If so,
> with which tool? Does the code still have problems if you run the
> actual Python file?

Tried generating .exe with both cx_freeze, and pyInstaller, and the code 
itself, and both versions of executable generate errors, same as running it 
from command line - only difference is the source of the error mentioned in 
error message then varies from a2m.exe and python.exe , and even if compile 
it on machine where all works, and then copy .exe back to this primary 
machine, then get same error - think it must relate to something else on 
this machine, but can't track it down.

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