Python 3 regex?

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Thu Jan 15 13:49:07 CET 2015

Le jeudi 15 janvier 2015 01:33:37 UTC+1, Steven D'Aprano a écrit :
> Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn wrote:
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> >> And, why not? compare Py3.2 and Py3.3+ !
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> > What are you getting at?
> Don't waste your time with JMF. He is obsessed with a trivial performance
> regression in Python 3.3. Unicode strings can be slightly more expensive to
> create in Python 3.3 compared to earlier versions, due to a clever memory
> optimization which saves up to 50% if your strings are all in the Basic
> Multilingual Plane and up to 75% if they are all in Latin-1. Never mind
> that for real-world code, that memory saving can often lead to applications
> running faster, JMF is obsessed with an artificial benchmark of his own
> devising that involves making, and throwing away, thousands of Unicode
> strings as fast as possible in such a way as to exercise the worst-case of
> the new Unicode model. From this unimportant performance regression, he has
> convinced himself that this means that Python 3.3 and beyond is logically
> and mathematically in violation of the Unicode standard.
> Any time JMF mentions anything to do with Python versions or Unicode or
> ASCII or French, he is in full-blown "pi equals 3 exactly" crank territory
> and is best ignored.

Out of curiosity. Did you you try the exercise I proposed?


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