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> On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 10:59 PM, Jacob Kruger <jacob at> 
> wrote:
>> Tried generating .exe with both cx_freeze, and pyInstaller, and the code
>> itself, and both versions of executable generate errors, same as running 
>> it
>> from command line - only difference is the source of the error mentioned 
>> in
>> error message then varies from a2m.exe and python.exe , and even if 
>> compile
>> it on machine where all works, and then copy .exe back to this primary
>> machine, then get same error - think it must relate to something else on
>> this machine, but can't track it down.
> Okay. Ignore the .exe versions, and just work with what happens when
> you run the .py files. If it fails as part of a .py file, post the
> failing file.

If you want to check it out, have attached the full code file - might be a 
bit messy/large - but, effectively, right at bottom, launch an instance of 
the class a2m, passing through arguments, and then from within __init__ call 
convertProcess function, which then initiates process, harvesting sort of 
rendition/version of structure out of MS access database file, makes call to 
convertSQL to generate structural SQL script, and save it to a file, which 
then calls convertData function to generate insert statements to populate 
database, and then that makes a call to convertExport, if you passed a 
command line argument in requesting mysql, and that's the current issue 
function - have stripped most of actual functionality out of it, since am 
just testing, so the first 16 lines of that function are what's relevant at 
moment - think shouldn't rely on any other self. objects/attributes as such 
either, unless step-through process is an issue.

And, tried cleaning it up a bit - replaced tab indentation character with 
double spaces, but, code might not look perfect/be perfectly clean as of 

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