Factories and Builders [was Re: lambdak...]

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at pearwood.info
Fri Jan 16 06:08:22 CET 2015

Roy Smith wrote:

> The ebb and flow of technology has recently brought me someplace I never
> thought I'd be.  Java-land.  And what I've discovered is that factories
> are so last year.  Apparently builders are the new thing.

I've never really understand why "abstract factory", "factory method"
and "builder" are considered different design patterns. They're variants on
the same idea.

class Spam:
    def create(self, a, b, c, d):
        if a == "fast":
            theclass = FastClass
        elif a == "steady":
            theclass = SteadyClass
        obj = theclass(b, c, d)
        # obj.extra_stuff = self.get_stuff()
        return obj

As I understand it, if FastClass and SteadyClass are subclasses of Spam,
then this is the Factory Method design pattern, but if they are independent
classes unrelated to Spam, then it is the Abstract Factory design pattern.
But if I uncomment out the "obj.extra_stuff" line, it becomes a Builder.


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