How to "wow" someone new to Python

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Fri Jan 16 18:01:13 CET 2015

On 01/16/2015 08:33 PM, Chris Angelico wrote:
> Scenario: You're introducing someone to Python for the first time.
> S/he may have some previous programming experience, or may be new to
> the whole idea of giving a computer instructions. You have a couple of
> minutes to show off how awesome Python is. What do you do?
> I was thinking along the lines of a simple demo in the REPL, showing
> off some of Python's coolest features. But then I got stuck on the
> specifics. What are Python's best coolnesses? What makes for a good
> demo?
> Ideally, this should be something that can be demo'd quickly and
> easily, and it should be impressive without going into great details
> of "and see, this is how it works on the inside". So, how would you
> brag about this language?
> ChrisA


I am a newbie to python, I have dwelled in c,qt none in java. php a lot,
though I don't make money with any of those.

The best thing I find is python is very easy, the best part maybe
because of my inexperience with other languages are the List and Dict
data types that just solved problems I had in real life made solvable
with python very easily. when I had to worry about memory and pointers
to memory in those other languages, python just made me focus on the
solution I want. also the way I can read python program just like they
are written in plain eglish :)

a personal problem I tried to solve is that how many characters  exist
in  a sequence statistically (with 2 or more characters in len)  in any
given file and then their count.  For a 100kb file I used practially all
programming knowledge in from the other languages but failed miserably
as the computation were taking more time with each bigger chunck of
file. I would have to do a lot of memery management with python using
those style like deleting list and dict before adding another. but when
I tried to solve the problem natively with python it just took a blink
of an eye for them to solve upto 50kb file. but for larger files
although instant it is just memory consuming since I was limit with 2 gb
I ddin't poke further.

this was my exp and I find programming fun in python like ironman
talking to jarvis

keep computing!!!


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