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Roy Smith roy at panix.com
Sun Jan 18 04:18:51 CET 2015

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 Steven D'Aprano <steve+comp.lang.python at pearwood.info> wrote:

> Even that doesn't protect you, because your security is controlled by
> websites and banks etc. with stupid security policies. E.g. I am forced to
> deal with one bank that uses a cryptographic key to sign in to their bank,
> but your passphrase is limited to exactly eight characters. Another bank I
> use limits you to SIX characters, taken from case-insensitive(!) letters,
> digits, and a small set of punctuation.

Tell me about it.  I have an E-Trade ATM card.  When I first got it, I 
set it up with a 6 digit PIN.  I was shocked to discover some time later 
that it actually only looks at the first 4 digits.  And, no, I'm not 
talking *characters*, I'm talking *digits*.  There are 10**4 possible 
PINs.  The mind boggles.

On the other hand, E-Trade gave me an RSA key fob so I use two-factor 
authentication on their web site.

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