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Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Sun Jan 18 14:32:57 CET 2015

Michael Torrie wrote:
> Like many of you I use a password manager these days.  It's pretty
> slick.  But really it shows the absurdity of the situation.  Instead of
> passwords we should all just use private/public keypairs and store the
> private keys in a digital wallet.  Forget this password garbage with
> it's 50-70 bits of entropy.  Let's go for 2048-bit keys and be done with
> it, if we're going to require the use of password managers.

Yes, and that's easy e.g. with SSH. And in theory it's easy with SSL/TLS. But
support for client certs in browsers really suck (try to change the login once
you've chosen a client cert without closing the browser).

Ciao, Michael.

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