Random ALL CAPS posts on this group

Clayton Kirkwood crk at godblessthe.us
Tue Jan 20 18:53:27 CET 2015

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>On Monday, January 19, 2015 at 8:16:01 PM UTC-6, Ben Finney wrote:
>> Freedom of expression entails an obligation on the state to not quash
>> anyone's expression. It does not affect anyone who is not the state;
>> it imposes no obligation on the PSF. [...] So a forum such as this can
>> block obnoxious spam, and that choice does not impact anyone's freedom
>> of expression.
>Ben, i know we have not agreed much in the past, and you may be thinking
>that i intend to pick a fight with you here (and i don't), however i
>implore you to give more thought to the vital importance of free
>I believe that free speech is so important, so vital to the existence of
>free societies, that it's practice *MUST* extend far beyond the
>boundaries of the state's rule, and be fostered by *ANY* group who is in
>the public domain.
>No one here would justify a public business refusing to serve or employ
>a person based on race, religion, sex, or otherwise. So why would you so
>easily discriminate against speech?
>I agree that these spam posts are annoying, but that is not enough of an
>excuse to start limiting people's speech in a
>*PUBLIC* forum. If python-list were a private group for "members only",
>then by all means make up whatever rules you want to. But when shared
>publicly, we have a duty to support freedom for *ALL*. We must suffer
>the annoyances if we want to enjoy freedom for all.
This is not a public forum; it ia quasi-public forum. It has a structure and
understanding of what the topics are. Freedom of speech does not include
anytime and anyplace. This is a captive audience and we can't choose what
some fool is going to bore us with. Yes we can hit the delete key in one
form or another. As much as I don't want to hear our Dear Leader tonight, I
will choose to listen. (and then ridicule:<)) But I don't want some psycho
Islam Terrorist to stand up and commandeer the TSOTU speech just because he
believes that he has the right to drivel on and on. We all agree that that
is not the time, place, or topic for the speech. In civilized society, being
a captive audience is not really associated with free speech. In civilized
society we have a time and a place for a topic, and those that want to hear
the pontificator are free to listen. You don't have the right to come in to
my house and drivel: it is not the right time or place.


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