Mario marfig at
Tue Jan 20 22:47:47 CET 2015

In article <d34dbfbe-fe82-47dc-8bc3-c8773e2b70dd at>, 
rustompmody at says...
> Yeah python has trees alright.
> Heres' some simple tree-code

Didn't you just demonstrate that Python has no trees and instead you 
have to implement them yourself (or use a third-party implementation)?

I don't know what's the point of all this vain and misleading play with 
words. Not only most languages don't implement trees in their standard 
libraries (its no shame, it's no sin), but also it's quite evident that 
there's a big difference between implementing a data structure yourself 
through the application of language facilities and seeing that data 
structure already implemented for you in the standard library.

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