Python is DOOMED! Again!

Chris Angelico rosuav at
Thu Jan 22 05:43:04 CET 2015

On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 3:30 PM, Steven D'Aprano
<steve+comp.lang.python at> wrote:
> C:
>   double
>   median_grouped (IterableOfReal data, double interval)
> (I may have taken some very slight liberties with the syntax, corrections or
> more idiomatic forms are very welcome.)

C doesn't really have iterables, so this is more likely to be passed
in as an array of doubles and a length:

double median_grouped(double *data, int datasize, double interval)

> I think it is clear that Python's annotation syntax remains quite close to
> executable pseudo-code. Fears that type-hints will doom Python are not
> credible.

Yep. If Py3K didn't kill Python, PEP 393 didn't kill Python, and the
lack of Python 2.8 didn't kill Python, then type hinting doesn't have
much chance.


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