Python is DOOMED! Again!

Paul Rubin at nospam.invalid
Thu Jan 22 07:48:33 CET 2015

Rick Johnson <rantingrickjohnson at> writes:
>> def median_grouped(data:Iterable[Real], interval:Real=1)->Real: ...
> Nice! I like how the first "toy example" was less noisy,
> and then way down here you show us the real butt-uglyness of
> this "feature from hell"!

It looks fine to me.  I'm still using Python 2.7 because I haven't found
a really compelling reason to migrate to Python 3, but this makes it
start looking worthwhile.

> Listen, there is a way that type hints can be introduced *WITHOUT*
> forcing folks who don't care about them to read them. 

You could write some IDE features to suppress visibility of the hints.
Or maybe it could be done with a decorator-like construct:

  @-spec(Iterable[Real], Real) -> Real

> For the sake of this community and the many noobs who have not found
> programming bliss via Python, i implore you to do everything in your
> power to convince GvR that he is making a grave mistake, for which no
> recovery will be possible.

I've always found Python 3 annoying because it broke compatibility with
Python 2, but only by a little bit, not enough to add real benefits.
This is a real benefit so IMHO it makes the language more attractive
rather than less.

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