What killed Smalltalk could kill Python

Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski emil at fuse.pl
Thu Jan 22 16:47:30 CET 2015

On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 07:26:31AM -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:

> > Still (somehow) alive in neo-Amiga platforms like AmigaOS4.x, MorphOS
> > and AROS. I know that's as good as dead but there are still people
> > writing AREXX glue code.
> He asked about REXX, not AREXX. There is no comparison between the two as 
> AREXX was a huge superset of REXX.

Never seeing a proper REXX I always assumed it's just Amiga port retrofitted to serve as OS' needs as IPC language.

You learn everyday.

> If, when anyone here was using an amiga, and was using EzCron to schedule 
> stuff, Jim Hines and I wrote it as there was no such scheduler for 
> amigados.

I used few cron-like daemons and the name rings a bell!

> Trivia bit: William Hawes, who wrote AREXX and sold it thru the commode 
> door sales channels, was never paid a dime for his work.

There are still problems with AREXX copyright/distribution, but as you can guess after few changes of hand Amiga's IP is mess.

AROS, begin FOSS reimplementation of AmigaOS API, uses Regina to replace AREXX

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