Python is DOOMED! Again!

Mario Figueiredo marfig at
Thu Jan 22 22:06:02 CET 2015

In article <df42ff5a-e4fe-4129-9278-1a5eaa6993b3 at>, 
rantingrickjohnson at says...

> python was meant to be a gateway to intuitive programming bliss. 
> Python was meant to be the "lingua franca" of the Programming world.

And it failed miserably on both instances. Like any other programming 
language before and after it which pretended to be the one stop solution 
to world hunger.
No. Python most important goal is to solve software requirements, like 
any programming language should. Intuitiveness, simplicity, easy of use, 
expressiveness, and all the other waiving flags you like to carry, are 
secondary-only goals. You sacrifice them for the first goal if they get 
in the way. It's the way of any evolving language.

> You argue that readability is a relative construct, and you
> are correct, but what you fail to acknowledge is that while
> the ability to read noisy syntaxes improves with practice,
> the comprehensive abilities of neophytes will always remain
> constant. Python was built for the sake of the neophytes, 
> not to suffer the whims of the guru!

I couldn't give a rat's arse about neophytes and I consider myself a 
beginner in the world of python. I'm more interested in having a 
language that can solve my problems.

Expressiveness, simplicity, intuitiveness, all are lofty goals. But they 
are always going to be limited by the feature set of your language. And 
as it grows, as it tries to incorporate more and more features in order 
to become more and more capable of handling all types of modern software 
requirements, it will loose some of that expressivness, some of that 
simplicity and some of that intuitiveness. It's just how it is with any 
programming language.

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