Python Sanity Proposal: Type Hinting Solution

Mario Figueiredo marfig at
Fri Jan 23 22:12:55 CET 2015

In article <12d74fb6-f7d7-4ff0-88d3-6076a5dc7b57 at>, 
rantingrickjohnson at says...
> Injecting polarity into debates is dangerous, because, then
> we get off into the emotional weeds and a solution may never
> be found -- just observe the polarization of American
> politics if you don't believe me --> *PUKE*

I agree entirely. But you have to excuse me... weren't you the one 
calling Guido lapdog (you used worse names) to anyone who agreed with 
the PEP? ;)

Don't been an hypocrit also, when Rantingrick is good enough.

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