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On Jan 13, 2015, at 8:31 AM, Paul Rubin < at nospam.invalid> wrote:

> Israel Brewster <israel at> writes:
>>        when it again crashed with a SIGABRT. The crash dump the
>>        system gave me doesn't tell me much, other than that it looks
>>        like python is calling some C function when it crashes. I've
>>        attached the crash report, in case it can mean something more
>>        to someone else.
> Somehow I missed the original post: did you get a core dump?  The
> next thing to do is examine it under gdb.

And somehow I missed your response, so I guess that makes us even :-) I did get a core dump and stack trace, that I attached to my original post. I'll attach the new one from today to this message.

Running it through GDB didn't seem to give me much more information than that crash report - I can see that it is in thread 0, and the call stack is identical to what the crash report shows, but I can't see where in the python code it is.

Memory usage is relatively minimal - at the time of today's crash, top was reporting only around 84MB used - actually down a couple of MB from where it was yesterday.

>>        Can anyone give me some hints as to how to track down the
>>        cause of this crash? 
> If it's recurring, recompile python with -g to generate debugging
> symbols, so you'll have an easier time examining the dump.  You can even
> run the whole interpreter under gdb, though doing that for 33 days might
> be uncharted territory.

May just have to try it though :-)

In looking back over my GIT change logs, the only change I find that even remotely seems like it might be the issue is a call to del(). Not saying I think that is the issue, min you, but the rest of the changes I made were to things like SQL queries, that might change the data somewhat but not the functioning. Of course, that said I was making more regular changes before, maybe it simply never remained running long enough.

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