Python is DOOMED! Again!

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Sat Jan 24 22:51:41 CET 2015

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>> Either that, or make up change with 20¢, 10¢ and 5¢ (we practice
>> round-to-nearest-5-cents here).
> I suppose if you all pay 35¢  it at least gives the waitress a tip.

In the Pacific States they have made a bolder push for complexity, and
settle their affairs by a coin that no longer exists – the BIT, or old
Mexican real. The supposed value of the bit is twelve and a half
cents, eight to the dollar. When it comes to two bits, the
quarter-dollar stands for the required amount. But how about an odd
bit? The nearest coin to it is a dime, which is, short by a fifth.
That, then, is called a SHORT bit. If you have one, you lay it
triumphantly down, and save two and a half cents. But if you have not,
and lay down a quarter, the bar-keeper or shopman calmly tenders you a
dime by way of change; and thus you have paid what is called a LONG
BIT, and lost two and a half cents, or even, by comparison with a
short bit, five cents.
    -- Robert Louis Stevenson

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