__bases__ misleading error message

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Sat Jan 24 23:59:28 CET 2015

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rosuav at gmail.com says...
> Awesome! I'm always a bit wary of analogies... sometimes they're
> really helpful, other times they're unhelpful and confusing.

Yeah. Your's was all it took :)

The thing with analogies is to never take them literally. They are 
analogies, after all. But there is this old funny thing we humans seem 
to share that an analogy should be dissected like it was a scientific 

- You say shoes in a box? Why, but memory addresses aren't boxes. 
Besides a box can only take shoes this big. Memory addresses can take 
any size object.

- No I meant.. Look, just imagine shoes in a box.

- Alright...

- Now the other person will be handed the shoe you asked. They don't 
know what box it came from. What this mea...

- How come?

- How come what?

- Why don't they know? They could just agree to know what box the shoe 
came from. Problem solved.

- No, but I am trying to illustrate how it works. Not how it could work.

- I still don't get it. Why does it work like that. Seems stupid...

- It's not. There are specific reasons to not know. It's got to do with 
the process stack and efficiency and...

- Right.

And there's also the most annoying of all, the smartasses that like to 
stay hidden in the shadows and as soon as they see an analogy they jump 
in and tada!

"It's not true that memory spaces can hold any object size. It is 
limited by the computer available memory" -- well, duh!

"Is that a float you are using to compute a salary raise in your code 
snippet meant as an example to illustrate code syntax? Hahaha" -- Sigh!

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