Hello World in Python

Christopher J. Pisz cpisz at austin.rr.com
Sun Jan 25 00:53:19 CET 2015

I am trying to help a buddy out. I am a C++ on Windows guy. This buddy 
of mine is learning Python at work on a Mac. I figured I could 
contribute with non language specific questions and such.

When learning any new language, I said, the first step would be a Hello 
World program. Let's see if we can get that to work.

So my buddy creates opens the IDE they gave at the workplace, creates a 
new project, adds a demo.py file, writes one line : print "Hello World", 
hits Run in the IDE and indeed the display is shown at the bottom when 
it executes.

I say the next step would be to get that to run on the command line. So 
(keep in mind I know nothing about macs) my buddy opens a "zsh?" window, 
cd to the directory, and I say the command i most likely: python demo.py

It looks like it executes but there is no output to the command line window.

Can anyone explain why there is no output?
Can anyone recommend a good walkthrough of getting set up and doing basics?

It seems they jumped ahead at my buddy's workplace and want them to 
write a complicated script called by a "harness". I can only assume this 
harness is some compiled executable that takes python scripts as 
arguments and calls certain functions defined within them.

I'll probably end up learning python myself, just to help out. I hate to 
see someone making an effort to learn and not having the resources.

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