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>Thanks a lot Mark but that would be a bit trivial. How can I run the same file multiple times? Or if I need to run two commands:
>srva at hades:~$ python --output eu_v3_14_1_15 --demand demands_v3_21_1_15.xml --xml nobel-eu.xml
>srva at hades:~$ python -l log --lp --xml eu_v3_14_1_15.xml
>repeatedly, how can I do that? Can I write a script to perform this function?If so, can you please help me with it?
>The first command generates an output file eu_v3 and the second file feeds it to the solver. This is what I intend to do multiple times. I hope I have explained it this time in a much better way. I'm sorry English is my second language and I have some problems in expressing myself at times.

Certainly you can script it. Write a tiny shell script (named "" 
for the sake of example).  Example (untested):

  python --output eu_v3_14_1_15 --demand demands_v3_21_1_15.xml --xml nobel-eu.xml
  python -l log --lp --xml eu_v3_14_1_15.xml

Either make it executable ("chmod +rx") and run it like this:


or don't bother, and run it in an analogous fashion to your python commands:


There are multiple paths forward from here if you have many runs with filenames 
which can be enurated somehow.

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