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On 01/26/2015 02:22 PM, Ian Kelly wrote:
> On Jan 26, 2015 6:42 AM, "Andrew Robinson" <andrew3 at r3dsolutions.com 
> <mailto:andrew3 at r3dsolutions.com>> wrote:
> > ...
> If you're going to descend into insults and name-calling, then I'm not 
> going to waste any more of my time on this thread.

I don't believe I've actually, intentionally, insulted you.  That's 
generally not in my nature, although annoyance sometimes comes out.

If my response to D'Aprano's abrasive remarks upset you -- well, sorry.  
It honestly wasn't aimed at you and it wasn't derogatory name calling.  
eg:  If you mean 'bool', instead of 'Boole' that's just because Python 
does it.

> The restriction on inheriting from bool isn't likely to change. There 
> have been several suggestions as to how you can do what you want. I 
> recommend you pick one and get on with it.
FYI:  I already have implemented the code twice, so there's no need to 
continue the conversation for my sake.
I got 'on' with it a long time ago; but thanks for the advice for what 
it's worth.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a C++ type cast of a non bool type into a bool 
that can be used as a bool at leisure, although if you've already stated 
your pleasure or displeasure -- it may take me a while to find the email 
in the backlog so don't feel pressure to repeat yourself.


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