Running a .py file iteratively at the terminal

Philip Keogh pkeogh at
Mon Jan 26 22:30:48 CET 2015

On Mon, 26 Jan 2015, varun7rs at wrote:
> Thanks a lot Mark but that would be a bit trivial. How can I run the
> same file multiple times? Or if I need to run two commands:
> srva at hades:~$ python --output eu_v3_14_1_15
> --demand demands_v3_21_1_15.xml --xml nobel-eu.xml
>srva at hades:~$ python -l log --lp --xml eu_v3_14_1_15.xml 
> repeatedly, how can I do that? Can I write a script to perform this
> function?If so, can you please help me with it?  The first command
> generates an output file eu_v3 and the second file feeds it to the
> solver. This is what I intend to do multiple times. I hope I have
> explained it this time in a much better way. I'm sorry English is my
> second language and I have some problems in expressing myself at
> times.
> Thank You

Have you read about Bash shell brace expansion, or a one-liner loop? A
simple wrapper script could easily accomplish what you seem to be
attempting to do.

For more, see:

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