An object is an instance (or not)?

Mario Figueiredo marfig at
Tue Jan 27 22:06:30 CET 2015

In article <80a9f882-6b13-45a7-b514-8c47b3a4c37d at>, 
andre.roberge at says...
> You keep writing "an object is not an instance", making statements
> such as "the terminology keeps indicating that in Python an object is 
> an instance" and yet, none of the examples you show from Python
> (tracebacks or repr outputs) include the word "instance".   

I think you misread my argument. Look at the first example on my post, 
or follow the discussion on "__bases__ misleading error message" here on 
the newsgroups.

That error message has me start that thread arguing that the error is 
misleading because the Sub object does have the __bases__ attribute. 
It's the Sub instance object that does not have it.

Some of the answers that were given argued that in Python object = 

> Yet
> **you** claim that "Python" states that objects are instances ....

That is no my claim. I said that much. You should probably read my post 
more carefully.

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