An object is an instance (or not)?

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Wed Jan 28 11:48:28 CET 2015

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breamoreboy at says...
> The thing that bothers me is that many people, some of them with maybe 
> 20 years of Python experience, have repeatedly stated Python concepts 
> with respect to the terms class, instance and object.  Instead of 
> accepting their knowledge of the language and gracefully stepping back, 
> you've carried on until the twist of knots would make any boy scout proud.

Condescending much?

I'm not one to lower to arguments from authority. Sorry. Never have, 
never will. Neither I adopt such attitude on those programming languages 
in which I am myself an authoritative source. I respect knowledge as 
anyone else. But I also specifically asked for arguments that could show 
me the Python way. I have a desire to understand. It's not just a matter 
of accepting the word of someone who is more experienced than me. That 
does not do any good to anyone. I'm not trying to change anything, 
neither I'm a OOP fanatic like some tried to accuse me. I'm just trying 
to understand. Do *you* understand that?

I may have sounded ignorant to you. It's something I cannot avoid, 
because while I try to argue this issue, I do it from the position of 
someone who is still learning the Python language syntax and semantics. 
But I'm much more than what you may think. And I would like to be 
treated with a little more respect. Like you I'm a software developer 
and, probably like you, I have decades of software development as a 
profession on my back.

But some of the arguments in here (and yours too) have done very little 
to help me understand the language semantics on this particular issue. 
Purportedly, or perhaps innocently due to my clumsiness, some folks in 
here argue with little more than "but a class object is an instance of 
'type'". They choose to ignore that class objects are clearly a special 
type of object unlike the instances they help define. Like in so many 
debates, there's unfortunately always a desire to ignore or avoid other 
side that is arguing with us.

Thankfully, I am now starting to understand the semantics. Folks like 
Ben, Steven or Ian (apologies to a couple others I am missing. Can't 
remember your names and having an hard time looking through past posts) 
have helped tremendously by leaving smugness aside, adopting an 
educational attitude towards a clearly confused person, and -- I would 
wager -- understanding that I'm asking questions, not trying to set new 

Don't feel so bothered by my person, sir. Just ignore me if that makes 
you feel better.

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