multiprocessing module backport from 3 to 2.7 - spawn feature

Andres Riancho andres.riancho at
Wed Jan 28 14:07:44 CET 2015


I've been searching around for a multiprocessing module backport from
3 to 2.7.x and the closest thing I've found was celery's billiard [0]
which seems to be a work in progress.

The feature I'm specially interested in is the ability to spawn
processes [1] instead of forking, which is not present in the 2.7
version of the module.

Anyone knows about a working backport of the multiprocessing 3k module?


Andrés Riancho
Project Leader at w3af -
Web Application Attack and Audit Framework
Twitter: @w3af
GPG: 0x93C344F3

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