ANN: unpyc3 - a python bytecode decompiler for Python3

Steven D'Aprano steve+comp.lang.python at
Thu Jan 29 01:29:57 CET 2015

sohcahtoa82 at wrote:

> I recently finished my CS degree, and I had more than one professor say
> that they won't take "My computer crashed and I lost everything!" as an
> excuse for not being able to turn in homework.  

How about "My computer crashed and died and now I can't get to Dropbox to
access my files"?

"My computer got infected by ransomware which encrypted all my data files
and blocks access to Dropbox."

"One of my housemates torrented a Linux tarball, and the MPAA wrongly
identified it as a movie file. Purely on their say-so, my ISP disabled my
account and banned me from the Internet. But all is not lost, if I move 45
miles away, I can sign up with a different ISP!"

"Some dude I've never seen before gate-crashed our party and was smoking
pot, and the police raided us and seized my computer and everybody's
phones. My lawyer tells me the raid was illegal and if spend two or three
hundred thousand dollars in legal fees, I'll probably be able to get my
computer back within eight years or so."

"My dog ate my USB stick."



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