Installling ADODB on an offline computer

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Fri Jan 30 15:45:10 CET 2015

On Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 8:35:50 PM UTC-5, Alan Meyer wrote:
> I work on an application that uses the ActivePython compilation of 
> Python from ActiveState.  It uses three Microsoft COM libraries that are 
> needed for talking to SQL Server.  The libraries are:
>      Microsoft Activex Data Objects
>      Microsoft Activex Data Objects Recordset
>      Microsoft ADO Ext
> In the past, we have installed those libraries on numerous machines by 
> running  It can be done from the ActivePython IDLE GUI, or 
> from the command line. downloads and installs the packages 
> for us, taking care of COM server or client registration, or whatever it 
> is that has to be done (I don't really know much about this stuff.)
> Now I've been asked to port the application to a computer that is not 
> connected to the Internet.  I haven't found any way to get those 
> packages.  I haven't found a way to, for example, download the packages 
> to files, place the files on the target computer, and run or a 
> to install them.
> Can someone suggest a way to do it?
> Thank you very much.
>      Alan

I don't think needs to download anything. It's just extracting information from the registry about COM services which are available and building a Python wrapper around those services. I've used it successfully myself on a machine completely cut off from the outside world.


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