help() function screen output

Jacob Kruger jacob at
Sat Jan 31 10:56:04 CET 2015

----- Original Message ----- > Specifically, the last two lines show:
> <space> Display next page
> <ret>   Display next line
> which is, I suspect, what you're after here.
> (If you're interested, the code for all this is in the pydoc module 
> (Lib\ in the getpager() function.
> -- 
Yes, that makes sense/works - wonder what changed recently in my overall 
configuration/setup - suppose might have something to do with screen 
reader's system wide interference - maybe it was passing a different 
effective keystroke through to command line prompt before, or something, 
since am 99.9% sure always just used <ret> key to advance one screen at a 
time before - who knows, but, main thing is, yes, space bar does what I want 
it to.


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