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On 30Jun2015 08:34, zljubisic at <zljubisic at> wrote:
>I would like to download a file (
>If the connection is OK, I can download the file with:
>import urllib.request
>urllib.request.urlretrieve(remote_file, local_file)
>Sometimes when I am connected on week wireless (not mine) network I get WinError 10054 exception (windows 7).
>When it happens, I would like to resume download instead of doing everything from very beginning.
>How to do that?
>I read about Range header and chunks, but this server doesn't have any headers.
>What options do I have with this particular file?

You need to use a Range: header. I don't know what you mean when you say "this 
server doesn't have any headers". All HTTP requests and responses use headers.  
Possibly you mean you code isn't setting any headers.

What you need to do is separate your call to urlretrieve into a call to 
construct a Request object, add a Range header, then fetch the URL using the 
Request object, appending the results (if successful) to the end of your local 

If you go to:

and scroll up you will find example code doing that kind of thing in the 
examples above.

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