Capturing PyRun_String stdout

Chris Moller moller at
Wed Jul 1 06:33:54 CEST 2015

I sent this to the wrong list a few hours ago.  I hope I've gotten it 
right this time...


I expect this has been asked before, but I can't find out much about it...

I'm trying to embed Python in a GTK+/C app  as a scripting language and 
I need to capture the output of PyRun_String(), PyEval_EvalCode(), or 
whatever as a char * (or wchar_t * or whatever) rather than have it go 
to stdout.

I'm using Python 3.3.2 under plain C, not C++

And, while I'm interrupting everyone's evening, another question: if I  
pass Py_single_input to PyRun_String() or 
Py_CompileString()/PyEval_EvalCode(), it accepts statements like "a=10" 
and can then properly do stuff like "print(a)".  If I use Py_eval_input 
instead, I get error messages.  In both cases, I'm using the same 
global_dict and local_dict, if that makes any difference.  What am I 
doing wrong?

Chris Moller
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