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PIYUSH KUMAR <okkpiyush at> wrote:
> I have never used linux in my life.. only windows based computing.. So I
> have problems in installing third party libraries in python.

It depends. One question is if there's already a ready-for-use
package for the third party library you want to install. If that
is the case then the next question is which distro you're using
- there are different package-management systems.

Since you mentioned Pyke: if you got Ubuntu or Debian there's
a package for it you can simply install it using the command

  sudo apt-get install python-pyke

(The 'sudo' bit is for temporarily assuming the permissions
to install the package, you're going to be asked for your
password. 'apt-get' is the program for installing and de-
installing packages. And 'python-pyke' is the name of the

If you also want the documentation installed add 'python-pyke-doc'.
If you have some other distribution there might be a different
program for installing new packages. And there's basically always
also some program with a graphical user interface, wrapped around
that and which shows you which packages exist (thousands).

If there's no package for what you want you need to download
the sources and install them yourself. For the details there
usually is a file named README.txt and/or INSTALL.txt (or
similar). Often all you need to use is the three commands

  sudo make install

If what you want to install depends on further software you
also need to install that before creating and installing of
what you need will succeed. So, again check if a ready-made
package for that dependencies available or download, compile
and install that. This can, in some cases, become a bit of
work if A need B, B in turn need C and D, D needs E etc.;-)

> So can somebody just explain me how many softwares or other python packages
> I have to install before installing any of these.

Sorry, but I don't understand this sentence. But in case for what
you want to install there's a package for your distro you don't
need to worry at all - all dependencies will get installed
automatically (so if you want to install package A and that
needs package B, B will installed automatically before A is

> I also had problems installing PYKE last month.

What were these problems?
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