Should iPython Notebook replace Idle

Sayth Renshaw flebber.crue at
Sun Jul 5 02:08:54 CEST 2015

On Sunday, 5 July 2015 05:16:04 UTC+10, Sturla Molden  wrote:
> Jason Swails <jason.swails at> wrote:
> > Everything gets swallowed into Python.  I can't imagine this ever happening.
> IPython's successor Jupyter is also an REPL environment for Julia and R,
> and many other languages will also be supported (e.g. Java and C++). 
> Having this swallowed into Python is probably never going to happen. IIRC,
> the current release is the last to be named IPython.
> Sturla

Yeah I listened to the recent podcast talk python I believe and the creators of ipython & notebooks were on there and they were putting further improvements into it as they are using it in education for python and wanted to address some of the pain points so that it would be an improved environment for python.

It will probably be that the learning environment for python but just not by default.


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