bottle app "crashes"

Martin S martin at
Sun Jul 5 18:45:26 CEST 2015

Hi all,

Last summer I fumbled together a small appplication that calculates both LASK 
and Elo ratings for chess. I managed to "webify" it using Bottle. This works 
nicely on my laptop for testing.

However ... (you knew there would be a however right)

Once I log off (or my user session times out) my server where I've started the 
application with python3 & the application dies within a  minute, 
resulting in clients getting 404 errors when accessing the page (a simple 
table that's processed by the application).

I've tried installting bottle deamon but I keep getting errors to the effect 
that it doesn't recognize bottledeamon.
Also I've tried to run as a wsgi application, but I seem to missunderstand 
what modifications I need to do the get it to run (I get server 
misconfiguration errors on the latter).

Do anyone have a pointer to an idiot proof instruction on how to deploy a 
simple bottle application to a live server.

/Martin S

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