module dependencies issues

Cyril Scetbon cyril.scetbon at
Thu Jul 9 21:08:05 CEST 2015


I use pip to install modules and setuptools to install dependencies, and generate a console_script using the entry_point parameter of setup.
Here is the issue :

my current sources depend on modules, let's say A=1.0, B=1.0, C=2.0. And C depends on B=1.1
I have no problem with using pip to install dependencies. However setuptools complain that 2 versions are conflicting :

Installed /private/tmp/test/my-module
Processing dependencies for my-module==0.0.1
error: B 1.0 is installed but B==1.1 is required by set(['C'])

Forcing my-module to use B=1.1 fixes the issue. However it's just a sample and my code is using a lot of modules that use other shared modules too. Is there a way to let dependencies use their own version of the modules they need while the current use another version ?
Currently every time we need to upgrade one module, we need to make sure dependencies use this new version too :(


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