0 + not 0

candide c.candide at laposte.net
Sat Jul 11 15:22:51 CEST 2015

Le samedi 11 juillet 2015 14:05:58 UTC+2, Chris Angelico a écrit :

> You'll see down below a footnote referring to this as a special case.

I didn't spot the footnote and I don't regard it as dealing with a "special case": the footnote is paraphrasing the precedence hierarchy given by the table. I  see it more as a glose (operator exponentiation is not so common in programming languages) or, better, a warning because precedence of unary minus is "between" two "multiplicative" operators (** and *).

By the way, example provided by the doc in this footnote doesnt't properly illustrate the precedence of ** versus unary minus : whatever the precedence is, there is only one way to evaluate 2**-1. On the opposite, -1**2 (for instance) leads to two evaluations : (-1)**2 and -(1**2) and would provide an appropriate and better example.

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