A new module for performing tail-call elimination

Th. Baruchel baruchel at no.spam.gmx.dot.com
Mon Jul 13 17:44:25 CEST 2015

Hi, after having spent much time thinking about tail-call elimination
in Python (see for instance http://baruchel.github.io/blog/ ), I finally
decided to write a module for that. You may find it at:


Tail-call elimination is done for tail-recursion as well as for
continuation-passing style (cps) in a consistent syntax for both usages.

Any tail-recursive function having the suitable format for being
embeddable in the Y combinator can be used here with no change at all
(with the main difference that tail-calls will be eliminated), but other
continuations can also be added

The module is available under two forms: traditional python code and cython
compilable code (pre-compiled binaries are also released for the cython
version). Of course the Cython version is quicker and should be preferred
for serious work.

I must admit I haven't browsed much in order to know if similar projects
already exist; I was happy to do it for myself, but I want to share it now
in case other people are interested by it also.

Best regards,

Thomas Baruchel

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