password authentication failed

Gary Roach gary719_list1 at
Wed Jul 15 19:13:15 CEST 2015

Every time I try to do a python migrate I get:
django.db.utils.OperationalError: FATAL:  password 		authentication 
failed for user "postgres"
FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "postgres"

System Debian linux jessie
python 2.79
Django 1.8
Postgresql 9.4.3 database
Using virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper

Postgres has root privileges in the Debian passwd file.

Project file database setup
	# Database

	    'default': {
	        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.postgresql_psycopg2',
	        'NAME': 'archivedb',
	        'USER': 'postgres',
	        'PASSWORD': 'xxxxxx', # A valid debian pw
	        'HOST': '',
	        'PORT': '5432'

I'm not certain how this should be corrected. Postgres ( using \d 
commands) does not seem to have any privileges set. Am I supposed to go 
outside the virtual environment to set up a postgres account in postgres 
or is Django supposed to  do this with the migrate command. I feel like 
I am at a critical point where I can really screw things up and need 
some expert advise. This is my first time working with python / Django 
and am really shaky. I do have another learning project (rango) using 
SQLite that works fine.

Gary R

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