Where is "pyvenv.py" in new Python3.4 environment on CentOS7?

KARR, DAVID dk068x at att.com
Thu Jul 16 00:32:10 CEST 2015

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> On 15/07/2015 22:54, David Karr wrote:
> > I'm just learning more about Python (although I've been a Java
> dev for many years, and C/C++ before that).
> Welcome to the world of sanity after years of insanity :)

Uh, right.  We'll see about that.  I have no complaints or issues with the Java ecosystem, it's just not used that much in networking, which I'm edging into.

> > A book I'm reading (Learning Python Network Programming) refers
> to running "pyvenv".  I can find this in my Win7 environment, but I
> was planning on using my CentOS7 VM for most of this.  I have both
> "python" (Python 2) and "python3.4" installed.  I noticed a
> "python-virtualenv.noarch" package, but it said it was already
> installed.
> >
> > Can someone elaborate on where I should be able to find or
> install this?
> On my Windows 8.1 box its under C:\Python34\Tools\Scripts

Same as my Win7 box, but that's not what I need.  I want to work on this on my CentOS7 box.

> > (I tried asking this on the #python IRC channel, but I guess I
> couldn't yell loud enough.)
> >
> Yelling doesn't get you very far in the Python world, been there,
> seen
> it, done it, failed miserably, started again.  Funnily enough the
> second
> time around was far more succesful.

Yeah, I wasn't serious.  I wasn't really yelling, just asking polite questions.  It just made it seem like I needed to (yell) because I appeared to be invisible.  I'm sure I'll have better luck when I can ask more interesting questions.

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