Why pay DICE When TheGongzuo.com is !! FREE !!

David H. Lipman DLipman~NOSPAM~ at Verizon.Net
Thu Jul 16 12:54:38 CEST 2015

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>>> Greetings!
>>> You been Invited as a Beta User for TheGongzuo.com ( Absolutely Extended 
>>> Trial).
>>> We bring to you TheGongzuo.com, Top notch highly talented IT 
>>> (Information Technology / Software Industry) skilled Professional 
>>> Candidates,
>> So what does it actually DO?
>> I'm assuming that it's some kind of enhancement for Python, but why
>> would anyone actually use it?

Who cares.
They are a spammer.  Who cares what they do, the fact they spam means they 
are unethical and you should NOT use their services.

They ask "Why pay DICE When TheGongzuo.com is !! FREE !!", the answer is 
DICE is ethical and they don't spam.

They have added the following to the message...
"This message is sent in compliance with the new email bill section 301. 
Under Bill S.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th US Congress, this message 
cannot be considered SPAM as long as we include the way to be removed, 
Paragraph (a)(c) of S.1618, further transmissions to you by the sender of 
this email will be stopped if you by send  a response of "REMOVE" in the 
subject line of the email, we will remove you immediately from 

This is Usenet which is tied an email list.  Such appended text is 
inappropriate as they posted to Google Groups which is a Web Front-End ( 
HTTP/HTTPS ) to Usenet ( NNTP ).  However lets assume it was sent via email. 
They use a BS disclaimer "Under Bill S.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th US 
Congress,".    That's false.  It was NOT passed.  Even if it had been 
passed, it would have been superseded by the US Can Spam Act and Amendments. 
That is the law, not Bill S.1618 TITLE III  which never became law.  If you 
see the appended text "Under Bill S.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th US 
Congress,", now you also know they are complete morons.

Furthermore, the IP address is  which is 
ACTFIBERNET-Secundrabad, Beam Telecom Pvt Ltd of India.

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