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On Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 11:30:40 PM UTC-5, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On 07/15/2015 07:03 PM, Rick Johnson wrote:
> > <too much to quote>
> I think you've missed the whole point of the OP's project.  

Obviously my reply was not only "too much to quote", but
apparently, and sadly, "too much to read"! I don't know about
anyone else here, but i would be cautious about replying to
any post before i took the time to read the entire content. I
mean, i'd wouldn't want to embarrass myself.

But, I suppose this more evidence of the damage social media
is doing to our collective attention spans. There are some
studies that report an average attention span of only 8
seconds -- which is less than the attention span of a

    CLOWN-FISH: Hello Dori! 
    DORI: Who's Dori?

I had read an article the other day about how "smart phones
are making people dumb". However, by focusing on the phone,
which is nothing more than a tool, the author ignored the
real cause of this ubiquitous intelligence drain that is
rotting our culture from the inside out.

It's not the *PHONES* that making people dumb, it's the
*CONTENT* people *CHOOSE* that is turning us into a society
of drooling, superficial, and mindless gossip zombies.


With Twitter, we have a communication medium that encourages
teeny tiny thoughtless reactions to whatever "emotional
drivel" happens to be churning around in the daily cesspools
of what, for whatever "sociological reason", we still refer
to as "News".

Is the size of some morally corrupt celeb's butt really
"news"? Or the love interest of various talent-less
glitterati anything we should concern ourselves with? Heck,
just a few days ago, another "lip singer" made
front page world news simply by licking a donut! BY LICKING
AN EFFING DONUT! Are our lives that pathetic?

In the past there were at least a few educational programs
on the tele, now even so called "educational channels" have
devolved into train-wrecks of thought UNprovoking emotion,
with episode after episode of "totally scripted reality TV"
far more concerned with shock value than entertainment --
much less "education".

I once believed that Facebook was the "bottom of the barrel"
for social media -- BOY WAS I WRONG! It's seems there is no
level that we, as a society will stoop, in the effort to
destroy our capacity of intellectual evolution. So fire up
those twitter engines and speed headlong into that wall of
ignorant bliss!

And don't bother trotting out the old cliche of "grab a
fiddle" folks, because the unwashed masses are not refined
enough to appreciate the "higher intellectual emotions" and
the thoughtful introspection that such an instrument can
produce, instead, grab a shiny rattle and shake it in front
of their pasty little ignorant faces. For they can only
understand simple concepts and the selfish emotions.

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