Noob in Python. Problem with fairly simple test case

Steven D'Aprano steve at
Fri Jul 17 08:47:39 CEST 2015

On Fri, 17 Jul 2015 01:01 pm, Chris Angelico wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 12:44 PM, Steven D'Aprano <steve at>
> wrote:
>> My take from all this is that overall, Python 3 take-up is probably
>> around 10% of all Python users...
> Really? That low? Wow. 

Well, that's based on a guess that for every Python programmer you see
talking on the Internet, on Stackoverflow, Usenet, etc. there are probably
ten or so who are invisible to us. They work a nominally 9 to 5 government
or corporate job programming in Python, are forbidden to install packages
which aren't approved by IT, and don't even have access to Stackoverflow
let alone have time to chew the fat here. Those folks, I expect, are almost
all using Python 2.6 or 2.7, with a small minority on even older versions.

Some small percentage of them will still be using Python 2 in 20 years time,
just as there are a small minority of people still using Python 1.5 today.

> Jessie's default should be 2.7, at least. Wheezy shipped 2.7, too;
> it's only Squeeze (now out of support) that didn't ship any 2.7.x
> Python. Are you sure you can't at least upgrade to 2.7?

I'm not sure, I'm not actively involved in that specific project. All I know
is that the guys are always complaining about Jessie, and that they're
using 2.6.


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