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       at the EuroPython Conference 2015

                             July 20-26 2015
                              Bilbao, Spain

  Meet up with eGenix at this year's EuroPython Conference in Bilbao.
      We have free project, consulting and coaching capacities.


The EuroPython Conference ( is the one
of the premier conferences for Python users and developers in
Europe. It is the second largest gathering of Python enthusiast around
the world. This year it is being held from July 20-26 in Bilbao,

This announcement is also available on our web-site for online reading:


Meet up with eGenix at EuroPython

eGenix was one of the founding members of the EuroPython conference
team and played a major role in organizing the first EuroPython
conference in the year 2002.

Since then we have attended every EuroPython conference to meet up
face-to-face with the many people we know from the Python community
and the many people that we don't yet know from the community -- if
you are interested in meeting with us, please drop us a note so that
we can arrange a meeting at info at


eGenix Talks at EuroPython

At this year's EuroPython, Marc-André Lemburg, CEO of eGenix, will be
giving a talk providing some guidance for programmers new to Python:

Python idioms to help you write good code

    *Avoid gotchas, write faster, more readable and maintainable code*

    Python focuses a lot on writing readable code and also tries to
    make solutions obvious, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you
    cannot write unreadable code or design your code in ways which
    makes it hard to extend or maintain.

    This talk will show some useful idioms to apply when writing
    Python code, how to structure your modules and also goes into
    details on which techniques to use and which to think about twice,
    based on 20 years of experience writing Python.

    Tuesday 21 July at 15:15 CEST, Google Room


Free project, consulting and coaching capacities

eGenix currently has free custom Python project, consulting and
coaching capacities.

If you are interested in having eGenix implement your great ideas in
Python, or want to have your teams benefit from our long Python coding
experience, please contact us at info at

If you happen to attend EuroPython, you can also talk to our CEO
Marc-André Lemburg directly. Please email him to arrange a meeting:
mal at

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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