Noob in Python. Problem with fairly simple test case

Emile van Sebille emile at
Sat Jul 18 01:15:12 CEST 2015

On 7/17/2015 3:45 PM, Terry Reedy wrote:

> Now my question for you or anyone else: If the vast majority of Python
> programmers are focused on 2.7,

I consider myself in this group.

> why are volunteers to help fix 2.7 bugs so scarce?

perhaps the bugs that are show stoppers are providing the impetus to 
move forward to 3.x rather than fix?  This may be an argument to stop 
back-porting fixes.  (security bugs being the exception)

> Does they all consider it perfect (or sufficient) as is?

I have a number of one-off projects in place and running without issues 
on python versions all the way back to probably 1.52 (it's turtles all 
the way down)  In all cases, the python version is perfect (or 
sufficient) as it sits.  I do continue to support the applications and 
find myself writing mostly in some common core level of 2.x.

> Should the core developers who do not personally use 2.7 stop
> backporting, because no one cares if they do?

That'd work for me.  I'm not looking to upgrade the python versions of 
functioning productive code.  Of course, neither are my customers 
looking to pay for me to f*ck^h^h^h^hupgrade up their non-buggy systems.


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