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Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Jul 19 04:46:18 CEST 2015

On 07/18/2015 03:44 PM, Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
> 	The new units (HP28, 48, 49, 50, etc.) no longer use the 4-register
> stack; the stack is whatever is available in memory. As a result, the Roll
> instructions now need an argument for how many stack entries are in play.
> 	The HP50g has a bit of a sluggish response compared to the 48sx [which
> is not equivalent to a 48g]. Might be since the 48sx is still a SATURN
> hardware processor. The 50g is an underclocked (for battery life) ARM,
> running a SATURN emulator, with the emulator running the RPL/RPN user
> interface (there are packages that let one program in SYSRPL [which
> bypasses all the user level data checks, so if one knows the data on the
> stack is good, one can speed up subsequent operations], SATURN assembly,
> AND ARM assembly).
> 	For $20 or so one can get the HP Prime as an Android app.

My list of must-have android apps on my phone and tablet include
Droid48, which is an android port of X48.  Runs the original firmware
and everything.  Works very well for me.  Of course I also use my real
HP 48 on regular basis.  The poor thing is 20 years old now but still
the most useful calculator I've ever owned.  I get lost on calculators
without a stack and RPN.  Had a debate with m boss over RPN though.  He
claimed it was just HP's engineers being lazy.  For me RPN on a stack is
faster for me than a normal calculator because it's closer to how my
brain does math--you have to manually do order of operations on paper.

Just the other day I learned how to implement custom units on my hp 48
and have them automatically convert to other units.  Very cool.

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