Should non-security 2.7 bugs be fixed?

breamoreboy at breamoreboy at
Mon Jul 20 02:45:15 CEST 2015

On Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 10:27:58 PM UTC+1, Rick Johnson wrote:
> On Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 3:36:21 PM UTC-5, bream... at wrote:
> > Wrong, not all programmers need the patches as a lot of
> > people couldn't care two hoots about 2.7.  
> Well you should. Because apparently, you're incapable of
> recognizing that Py2 and Py3 are existentially joined at the
> hip! The world of language survival is more complex than your
> selfish desires.

Wrong again, 2.7 doesn't have all the goodies now poring into 3.x, so there is nothing in 2.7 to make me care.  Further as I'm a one man band I do what I like, so having canned it several years back, as have many core devs, it's staying canned.  "Selfish desires", very funny, I'll have to remember that one, you really are excelling yourself.

> If you're unable to draw parallels between py2 and py3,
> it's only because your focused is far too narrow. Negative
> perception of py2 translates to negative perception of py3.

I have no negative perception of 2.7, it simply no longer interests me, to repeat in the same way that it no longer interests some core devs.

> Python is the sum of all it's parts. Not merely the small
> part (or rattle) that you happen to find amusing. And since
> py3 is the smallest part of Python, and py2 is the largest,
> you would be wise to consider the consequences of a failed,
> or even perceived failure, of Py2.

2.7 is pretty much rock steady Eddie, so it is never going to be a perceived failure, let alone an actual failure.

> If you change the diapers in Py3 nursery but refuse to change 
> them in Py2 nursery, you might alleviate the your diaper rash, 
> but other babies poop will always smell worse than your own!

I'll repeat, those who want 2.7 supported do the work, can it get any simpler?  You can support it, or are you still too busy working on your fork, RickedPython?  I'm not interested in it, I'm wouldn't touch it even if someone offered to pay me, end of story.

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