We're looking for a middle python developer in Moscow

pavel at ivanov.io pavel at ivanov.io
Tue Jul 21 12:57:08 CEST 2015

Hello everybody!

We're looking for a well-experienced python developer who'd like to participate in educational startup in Moscow, Russia. It's going to be a contractor's job position for 6 months with possible prolongation.  
Here is the link: http://edumate.ru

Main milestones for work completion:
 - The development of billing
 - The development of an external API for communication with partners
 - The design and development of additional tools for our clients

 - Python, of course (you should know what does threads, GIL, yield mean, you've read PEP 8 etc.)
 - you've worked with Django 1.7 at least 1 year
 - you have an experience with NoSQL storages in production (MongoDB, Redis)
 - you've worked with Sphinx/Haystack
 - you have an experience of team work development with SVN or Git (if you active on GitHub  - please, share your github account in your CV)
If you're interested, please, send your CV to us: info at edumate.ru

Thank you!

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